Nightmare Witches

This are my halloween post!! I was fallen in love with this new gacha event: The TAG! Gacha!
Its a new concept of gacha games because if u win a mystery rare u got a coupon! u can redeem these coupon for a myyyystery prize on Oct 31!! 
Start the Trip here: TAG! GACHA STAGE 51 Hurry!! u have time until Oct 31!

Hair&Bow»+Spellbound+ Velvet // Natural Ombres & Dips RARE gacha (Tag! Gacha) tysm Kohana
Headdress with Flowers» Glam Affair - Leona Headdress Sunlight gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Mesh Eyeliner» La Malvada Mujer - Micillina N3 / violet (Cosmetic Fair)Oct 
Septum» C h a r y .- Septum Ring- 8 (Black) RARE gacha (Nº 21 Event) Oct
Blood» -DRD- gorefest - bloodfest gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Tattoo» Elska - Crocheted (Nº 21 Event) Oct Tysm Alex
Necklace» (NO) Spooky Girl Portrait - Rachel gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Dress» The Secret Store - Anita Empire Dress - Beetle (Collabor 88)Oct
Stocking» (NO) Ripped Up Stockings - Opaque (Collabor 88)Oct
Heels» Pure Poison - Pumpkins Heels - High Slink Feet RARE gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Phantom»  Birdy - Treat Pals - Fox gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Head» [Con.] Governor's Aquarium - Tank 6 (Detachted) gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Nails in head» DRD- facenails- u can wear in ur avi ofc gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Spider Bucket» .S&S. Halloween Bucket - Spidey gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Pose» Fashiowl Trick M - Wear Pose 3 -The pose comes with a wereable pumpkin bucket, i replace the bucket for a head) (The gacha mania) Oct

Hair»MOON // Hair // Chloroform Mutt (Nº 21 Event) Oct  Lovely Glitters!!
Hat» RO - SpellBinder - Seer RARE gacha (Tag! Gacha)  Im Crazy for it!
Skin» .Atomic.   {Song} Autumn_Creme - No Brows  (Chapter Four)Oct  tysm Ivy
Eye Shade and Gems» La Malvada Mujer - Aconito N3  (Cosmetic Fair)Oct 
Septum»(Yummy) Sophia - Charoite (Septum) new! 
Ears»AITUI - Ear: Gen 4, Heart Plugs 
Earring» (Yummy) Monster Party Earrings - Bones gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Mouth» Loud Mouth OMG
Jacket/Shirt» [Foxes] - Aviator Jacket -Tan (Nº 21 Event) Oct 
Gloves» DRD- nightmare gloves  gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Skirt» ::DirtyMind:: Petal Skirt (Black) - (Kustom 9)Oct
Tattoo» Elska - Eclectic (Nº 21 Event) Oct Tysm Alex 
Boots» REIGN.- Fiona Boots-  Cognac (Nº 21 Event) Oct 
Phantom» Birdy - Trickster Pals - Bear gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Bat» {vespertine}- mrs.bloody mary bat gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Broom» Plethora - Flying Broom - Daredevil gacha (Tag! Gacha) 
Mask » [ContraptioN[ Masks: Agonia *ritual* gacha (Tag! Gacha) 

Decor: (All the decor items are gacha prizes... u can get at Tag! Gacha Machines in each store)
Woman Frame» (NO) Rachel Portrait - Wall Picture 
Ouija Board» 13.erratic / coc - spirit board 
Face Pumpkins» {vespertine}-pumpkins/darks
Patterned Pumpkins» Pure Poison - Colored Pumpkins
Birdcage» floorplan. haunted birdcage / gold
Heads in cage» Detached from Con.] Governor's Aquarium - Tank 6 
Bat in Cage» +Half-Deer+ Hearthugger Bat - Deery (u can wear it )
Black Kitty» {vespertine}- witch chubby kitty
Purple Hat (in pumpkin)» RO - SpellBinder - Oracle RARE
Cats pumpkins» Pure Poison - Cats Pumpkins
Bones cage» Dwarfins Grim Reaper Creeper Buddy (box) 
Black kitty hold in hat» .tsg. Persian Kitten - Black (wereable! ofc)
Freddy Crueger lil monster» *MishMish* Scawy Monster - Freddy»

enjoy each day as if it were the last!

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