Colorful green dreams..

Yay! Its  Arcade Gacha time again!! 
This round bring u a loooot of cute items ! dont miss it!
Preparen sus lindens y a gastar!! ♥

On me:
Hair» +Spellbound+ Belladonna // Naturals( The Arcade)Martysm Nikhol! ♥
Cat Necklace»(NO) Lucky Cat Charm - Ohm - Longevity ( The Arcade)Mar
Pink Apron»B.C.C Cooking outfit-Rose Berry ( The Arcade)Mar
Necklace » :Moon Amore: Arcane Necklaces(Chapter Four)MarThanks for support my work!!


Regular Items:
Bed»:CP: Delilah Bed - Blossom (Uber)Feb/Mar
apothecary chest.» junk
pileofbooks»[ zerkalo ] Pile of books

Items on The Arcade Gacha Event (March edition)
Thank a lot creators for send ur review copies! I do my best to make wonderful post to show ur items! :D

Build»xin. apartment building RARE

Face Planter»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Tuna Planter
Frog» [LJ] Artisan Cookie Jar - #12 Ribberto
Potted Big Plant» tarte. potted plant
Pink Flowers»[LWL] Mod Yucca Hat (pink)
Lamp»Zaara [home] : 8 Jali lamp *tara*
puppets»Zaara [home] : 16 Kathputli puppets
Hanging strings»Zaara [home] : 19 Rajastani wall hanging *camel*
Zaara [home] : 20 Rajastani wall hanging *parrot*
Vera Plants» Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants
Mushroom»[LJ] Artisan Cookie Jar - #17 Mushroom
Cup plant»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Chinatown Mug
Sunflower»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Cuppa Sun
Hedgehog w/pot»ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Pokey the Hedgehog
Bra plant»Lark - Bra Plants - 17
Tie plant»Lark - Tie Plants - 14

Inside Apartment:

Desk»xin. bamboo desk
Chair»xin. bamboo stool
Rug»tarte. kicked rug
Trashbin» AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Trash Bin
Frames» xin. picture frames (put your own pictures)
Painting under frames»Zaara [home] : 10 Rajput Miniature painting
Computer»AITUI - Messy Bedroom - Computer Desk (Rare)
Fan»xin. desk fan + black
Blue pot with flowers»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Up and Away Pitcher
Roller planter»Lark - Rollerskate Planter Green - 19 RARE
Floppy disk planter»Lark - Floppy Disk Plant - 11
Tiles case» xin. mahong tiles case
Paper pile» -tres blah- Hodgepodge - Paper Pile
Agenda»-tres blah- Hodgepodge - Agenda RARE

above and under Tv table:
Tv table»xin. television table
television»xin. vintage television
Rowofbooks»[Commoner] The Murphy Collection / Row of Books
Pile of books»Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books
Jar»Zaara [home] : 11 Surahi wine jug
trio of planters»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Pubby Planter Trio
Colored cactus»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Succulent Party Bowl
Fat cactus»Pizza's - Thrift Shop Garden - Mr. Bubby Planter
Turtle container»xin. turtle container
Mail letters»Second Spaces - Cluttered House - unopened mail

Bed Section
Mini table w/plants»[Commoner]mini plant table copy
Chair»tarte. worn chair (orange)
Cactus»[Commoner] The Murphy Collection / Potted Cactus
Elephant»Zaara [home] : 6 Sandstone elephant

Table»xin. hong kong dining table
accesories on the table»MadPea Pure Mind
Cola cooler»[Con.] Open Road Collection - Cooler - Red
stoves»xin. kerosene stoves + rare
rice cooker»xin. rice cooker
dresser» xin. antique dresser

enjoy each day as if it were the last!

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