Look at Hair Fair!! (Milk Hair review)

Hi lovely girls!  (sorry for the long delay of not posting- my store takes me lot of work sometimes) but im here!! with all my review of one of my favourite fairs in SL! YES! the Hair Fair! My first review is for fun and original hairs of MILK! (tysm Katti!♥) 

All Hairs» Milk Hair @Hair Fair Event ♥
Glasses» [meisu] Full Moon Glasses :: SILVER
Headband and bangles» Izzie's 80's Rainbow Bangles + 80's Headband (L$ 5 Marketplace!)
Necklace» +Spellbound+ Fckn Cute Cookie Necklace // White/Pink GACHA (OMGacha event)
Dress» *Fishy Strawberry* Denim and Lace Dress - Classic (Chapter Four Event) July

A LOOT OF KISSES TO ALL! and wait for the 2nd part of my review!! more hairs and more fun! :D

Im feel like Dr Mario!! hahah ;)

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